Contact Information

Our main office is located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Our office hours are Monday through Friday 8-5.

731 Tasker Hill Rd.
Conway, NH 03818

Phone and fax: (603) 447-5589

Book Submissions:

We typically have a backlog of projects and rarely take on new authors. However, if you are determined to submit
work to us, we will at least give you the courtesy of a read though and a reply.
Submission guidelines:
-We will only consider works of nonfiction that have been professionally edited.
-Send us the first two chapters, the table of contents, and a cover letter.

Submissions to the Wilderness Medicine Newsletter:

The Wilderness Medicine Newsletter prints firsthand accounts of wilderness medical treatment or
response to a disaster. We also occasionally print articles from medical experts.
Please include a brief description of your medical background including any degrees or medical certifications and
a cover letter.

Please send all submissions electronically as an MS Word document attached to an email to:

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