Here at TMC Books, we have a bent toward all things eclectic, and our publishing projects have ranged from a children's book about sailing the Maine coast to a textbook about wilderness medicine to guidebooks for mountain climbers. Every now and then, we indulge our passion for fun and produce a book for ourselves. Between us, we do all the research, writing, photography, illustrating, graphic design, and production. Without staff or committees or independent contractors or any of the other trappings of a conventional business, we are free to follow our dream to make wonderful books about things we love.

Ever wanted to build a tree house? Check out Treehouse Chronicles, Peter Lewis' magnificent book about the four years he spent building a two story, timber frame tree house. It is much more than an account of a construction project.

Winner of nine awards, Treehouse Chronicles is the perfect book for the dreamer in all of us.

If you are interested in classic wooden sailboats, dogs, or the beauty of the Maine coast, check out Merlin and the Black Star. A simple children’s book written and illustrated by our in-house illustrator T.B.R. "Ted" Walsh.

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